Our next meeting features Linda Robson, PIO with Thurston County, with a presentation on the new Washington Emergency Public Information Network–WEPIN.

According to Linda, “At some point in your communications career you’ll be faced with communicating to the public about an emergency situation. To help prepare you for that day, communications professionals from several county emergency management departments and the state have formed WEPIN, and we invite you to join the network.”

WEPIN’s mission is to build a network of communications professionals around the state to support a statewide Joint Information System (JIS) that enables public communicators to collaborate on important safety messages, create information-sharing tools and processes, hone necessary skills, build relationships, and share best practices.

WEPIN is not just for emergency management PIOs. Whether you work for a state agency, local government, non-profit or private industry, joining WEPIN gives you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues throughout the state and hone your communications skills BEFORE the next disaster strikes.  Their site is www.WashingtonEPIN.org



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