May 4: Values-Based Communication

Our May 4 meeting will feature a presentation on “Values-Based Communication” by OCG member Peter Epperson. It will be an interactive presentation and participants will walk away with values-based content you generate and could use in your work.

For background consider:

  • According to a 2013 study by Edelman, only 10% of customers think that brands conduct business in a way that aligns with their values yet 92% of people want to do business with companies that share their beliefs or values.
  • The 2013 Brand Engagement Survey by Gensler (a global design firm) found 87% of customers “CHOOSE brands that match their personal values.”
  • The Harvard Business Review reported that “shared values” are the leading driver of brand loyalty among the 7,000 customers they surveyed.

Clearly, values affect what consumers choose and explains why they are loyal to a brand. This holds true regardless of the nature of the brand – be it a school district, state agency, not-for-profit organization or a for profit corporation.

The “Values-Based Communication” presentation will include grounding those in attendance in Simon Sinek’s “Start with WHY” work, and Peter’s work at TCTV developing the Story Well framework. Peter has used elements of the Values-Based Communication presentation in workshops he has led for Employment Security, the DSHS LEAN Team, and other governmental agencies as well as leaders of not-for-profit organizations.

As usual, we will meet at the Association of Washington School Principals, 1021 8th Avenue, Olympia, noon to one. It is a “brown bag” meeting, so lunch is appropriate.