Feb. 5: Creativity in Communications

OCG member Marc Connelly really wants the public message to become more interesting, more effective, more creative. And he has some good arguments as to how and why that could and should happen. Perhaps more important to OCG members, Marc has a practical methodology that you can use to include creativity in any communications setting. He will share his perspectives and process, with examples, in an idea sharing format on Wednesday, Feb. 5, noon to 1pm, at the monthly OCG meeting, Association of Washington School Principals, 1021 8th Avenue, Olympia.

Jan. 8: When to Hire a PR Firm

The January OCG meeting is Wednesday, January 8, Noon-1:00, at the Association of Washington School Principals. Our guest speaker is Paul Behrendt, senior vice president of Strategies 360, a regional public relations firm headquartered in Seattle (with an office in Olympia).

Paul will speak about when it makes sense to hire a Strategic Positioning and Public Relations firm. Some of the topics he will cover include:

  • Does a comprehensive professional Strategic Positioning, Communications and Public Relations firm make sense for you?
  • When does it make sense to contract with a professional PR firm?
  • When do you consider exporting services that you don’t have the capacity for in-house?
  • Does it makes sense to make a career change to join a large multi-state firm?

We look forward to seeing you on January 8.