Nov. 4: Handle Complaints and Say No

Speaker Michael Buschmohle, President of Applause Associates, comes to OCG today with great tips on how to Handle Complaints and Say No. If you’ve ever had to say “no” to a client or react to a complaint (valid or not), don’t miss these practical, proven tips to make your clients go away smiling. Michael teaches these techniques for Boeing, the City of Renton and many others around the world.

We meet at noon at the Association of Washington School Principals, 1021 8th Ave in Olympia.


‘Get That Job’ From Michael Buschmohle

Michael at the May meeting
Michael demonstrates how to give a strong presentation opening.

How many of you know someone who needs to improve their speaking and writing skills? This fabulous handout from our guest speaker, Michael Buschmohle, is just what they need: Speak and Write Like a Leader (PDF). 

Michael also offers us his 10-page booklet called Get That Job (PDF), with tips on what to do before, during and after a job interview.

A big thank you to Michael for the time he spent with us on May 7, and for the many tips he shared. Want to hire Michael for personal coaching or group training? Email him at